In India, maximum number of Internet users prefer Google for finding the required information about services, products or businesses. It is the best platform for small businesses to reach out to a maximum number of Internet users, primarily because of the superior SEO ranking algorithm which ensures that only quality websites get ranked on top. And, when you have your business listed on Google Places, there can be nothing better than that.

For small businesses, getting a majority of share in the local market can be a dream come true- and Google Places supports this dream commendably. This local search engine optimisation service by Google allows people to find information about a certain business when searching locally. It can bolster the online marketing strategies of small businesses to a great extent. Whenever a search is conducted on Google for a given area of interest in a particular location, the relevant businesses listed on Google Places will feature on top of the SERP. Being a Google-certified service, it is very much possible that your business listing would feature even above a well-optimised website.

Some of the reasons why Google Places would benefit your small business, locally, are discussed here:

Includes a map of your location- Since Google combined its organic ranking results with Google Maps data for Google Places results, the chances of people finding your Google Places results are enhanced. This becomes possible when people search in Google Maps, Google Searches, Google Mobile and Google Earth.

Flexibility – At Google Places, it is very easy to edit your listing details to ensure that only accurate data is provided to the users. This feature allows you to monitor the performance of your business and make changes to see more improvements.

FREE Service – From setting up an account on Google Places to editing and customising your business listing on it, everything is for free. You can add photos and videos, categories for your service area and encourage people to make purchases to avail special offers.

Mobile Friendly – When you rely on a website to promote your business, making it accessible to all people and devices is very crucial. When you have your business listing on Google Places, your business would list on top on the SERP and you will not have to invest in creating a website that is mobile-friendly.

Simpler, Quicker and Easier way of Beating Competition – Your business listing on Google Places can bolster your search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies a great deal. The traditional search engine optimistion process does not guarantee top ranking on Google. But with Google Places, your business can rank on top of the search page easily.

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