Key Components of Online Marketing Plan

Key Components of Online Marketing Plan that make you success


A great user experience with responsive website

Website is main Key Components of Online Marketing Plan that make you success because any component in digital marketing is considered with website. Website is not a just tool but it is everything starts from it. That all components are applied to website such as business leads, emails, SEO, Advertising, and Social media. A website should be Professional, easy to navigate. Create it easy for your viewers to access and move around your website. People will leave your website if it is difficult to use and mainly homepage fails to clearly explain what company’s offering

To success with website must include some steps

  • Your website should works on all browsers then it could be responsive and mobile friendly
  • Your website should be showing your company’s values and Communicate with viewers
  • Call to action: Before creating your website, decide exactly what action you want your users to take as a result of reading your message.
  • Use some relevant and latest content relating to your industry that will enhance your chances to get leads


Content marketing is a strategic approach of creating and distributing valuable content to attract right audience. What type of content you share is related to what you sell. Great content related problems knowing of customers can withstand you in competition. So that they know and trust you enough to do business with you.

Today’s consumers are invested to search for resources that lead to better, self-decision-making. Without good content, there’s no reason to interact with a company and company cannot build a relationship with audience. Your company can grab the attention of a potential buyer who wants to know more, but unless your website provides the right content, you won’t be able to convert them. Content is one of Key Components of Online Marketing Plan that make you success

Content strategy involves the following

  • Create content and share relevant content across all social media channels that represents your brand’s values to present your company to a wider audience
  • Be original and offer a variety of content types that make your leads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is main key to build traffic and sales, reminding people to give attention to your business.  A great way to build success with any website even if you’re thinking about building (or have already built) is to get into email marketing.

It can keep in touch with existing clients, inform receivers about sales, industry news. Consider promoting offers and events via email marketing and use calls to action. The style of your emails should be represent your brand.

A successful email marketing strategy will generate leads, convert leads, and develop a relationship with your customers.Email marketing is one of Key Components of Online Marketing Plan that make you success because of successful email marketing strategy.

  • In successful email marketing, Time factor plays roll because it matters when you should send emails and how frequent your emails. You have risk your messages ignored, deleted or marked as spam
  • Establish schedule emails you have planning to users, as their wish daily, weekly, etc. But you have

Search Engine Optimization

An essential part of your digital marketing strategy, if your company needs brand awareness or not. Search Engine Optimization is a term constantly people give importance when discussing website and digital strategy, and the basics of SEO are not all that difficult. Having a properly developed website with clear site maps will have a significant impact on SEO.

If you decide to involve in SEO, you should consider content marketing as one of the key element of your SEO strategy. But the most important aspect to SEO is content, content, content. Content is king in today’s marketing world and having effective, key-word rich content is a must for successful search engine results. Posting content that is relative to your target audience is more likely to be shared and linked to.No need to say SEO is one of Key Components of Online Marketing Plan that make you success

Social Media

Social media helps maintain your relationship with customers as well as generating brand exposure. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook provide paid advertising options allowing to promote your business by reaching new users as well as reconnecting with older ones.Your business needs to be where your clients and prospects are engaging most. You don’t need to do them all, pick one or two social media platforms that make sense for your business and excel

Now with social media, consumers utilize these channels to express their opinions, learn about new products, and engage with brands and key influences

Once you have figured out which social media platforms to post to, it’s important to consistently and regularly update your platform. Social Media is ultimate boost of Key Components of Online Marketing Plan that make you business success

Other benefits of social media marketing include

  • Responding to industry developments as they happen and become recognized in your field
  • It may become cheaper than traditional advertising and promotional activities.
  • Social content can indirectly boost the number of links to your website content by appearing in search results.
  • Increasing loyalty and support for customers you have connected with social media.
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