What is Google remarketing

What is Google remarketing?


What is Google remarketing? What if you could continue to promote to customers that came to your site, but weren’t ready to purchase? What if your advertisement could show up all over the internet wherever they were browsing, including major sites like CNN, Youtube, and more. The visitors you generated from advertising didn’t buy anything, and now you don’t have any way of following up with them.

That’s not a problem anymore. Google remarketing knows who that visitor is, and will display your ads to them, even after they leave your site. Google remarketing knows what products and services your visitors look at on your site. After they leave, remarketing continues to show them ads of the products or services they’re interested in.

So you stay in the conversation that’s going on in your prospect’s mind, without having to lift a finger. How does Google Remarketing work? 98% of people visiting any given website at any time will leave the site without purchasing anything. The natural tendencies of the consumers is that they’ll eventually buy something if they see it over and over again.

This is why remarketing is one of the most effective ways of increasing sales. Remarketing is a new form of advertising designed to re-engage your customer. Remarketing takes note of each and every visitor who lands on your website. It remembers the visitor and then follows them to the next website and serves them with another advertisement from your company, giving them more incentive to return to your website and purchase.

Thanks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45uymOc2fTA

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