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Image Editing Company Bangalore

Powerful, user-friendly and globally accessible, Jootoor Designs is an online photo editing suite, utilizing exclusive technology to bring an unprecedented level of editing control to anyone and everyone.

The photographs that showcase your products on your website should be of the best quality to attract consumers and entice them to click the buy button. Jootoor Designs Photo Editing Services is an expert image editing company with more than 5 years of experience in product photo editing and ecommerce product image editing. By outsourcing your product photo editing requirement to us, you can be rest assured that bulk images will be edited quickly, while maintaining high standards of quality consistently, to achieve the best results for your business.

Deeming the Photoshop aesthetics, we offer the brilliant set of services at Jootoor Designs.

The Photoshop Experts at Photo-Editing-India, operates in varying time zones with customers across the globe, providing Image Editing Services on every vertical, to one and all.

Our retail photo editing services will easily change the background, correct the light, slim the body, smoothen hair and improve skin texture. There are different levels of services that are focused on by our editors who are highly efficient and can easily manage any task.

To help you grab the attention of online shoppers, Jootoor Designs provides eCommerce product image editing services. Our experts edit and enhance images and bring out the true essence of your picture without losing its natural charm with product photo editing, clipping, background change and other such services.

Remove The Background of Images and Insert White Background

Usually when we visit an e-commerce portal, regardless of the products that are featured; first thing to entice us is the presentation of imagery. E-Commerce portals are all about presentation. Customer will not take a second to shut down your website, if it happens to lack in impressive presentation. The glorified e-hubs such as Amazon, ebay, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many others have influential presentation. Coming to the point, Jootoor Designs specialize in offering E-commerce Image Editing Services as per the standards of every high-end online portal. Even if you are just looking for service to remove the background of photo and put the product into white background, we will be at your service.

Our hot selling services are bracketed with these four terms that have been treated as identical by the users.

  • Cutting out of the images: The experts at Jootoor Designs is responsible for tracing the product picture from the actual source and also places them on suitable backgrounds. Our team is responsible to work on the color and clarity of image.
  • Image resizing: Our supportive and committed team will work on low resolution image and will offer a brighter image that will enhance the clarity. Our purpose is to make the image that can easily fit various size options such as thumbnail, zoom etc.
  • Lighting and color correction: We have a keen eye on the color of images and brighten up as per the need which is done with the help of advanced tool.
  • Removal of unwanted elements: We ensure that all the unwanted elements and objects are tactfully eliminated from the images of your product along with rebuilding the blank area.


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Ecommerce Product image Editing

Outsourcing product image editing for online retailers, photographers and brands. Background removal, image retouching, eCommerce optimization and more.

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